Re: RARA-AVIS: Fashion Rules!

Frank Glenewinkel (frank.glenewinkel@Uni-Koeln.DE)
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 18:42:18 +0000

Juri Nummelin <> wrote:
> And every time I pick up a new P.I. novel I think the P.I. wears a suit
> and then he says: "I put on my new Reeboks and Levi's 501's
> and left. " And then I go: "Aaaargh!"

Yep! I do feel very much the same (although I am prepared to make excuses for Nick Sharman's 10 hole Doc Martens when the mission gets tough.) I still remember my disappointment when I met my first plain- clothes policeman and he was dressed very unlike those you see on TV. He didn't even have a hat, the poor chap...


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