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>That is the sort of thing that makes
>a character 3-dimensional, not necessarily a softy. This guy was about as
>hard-boiled as you can get and still be a real person, but relationships
>and loyalty are probably the most important things in his life. You don't
>have to be a loner to be tough, and you don't have to be sentimental to
>be human.

Yes. All good, Katie. 3 dimensional is good. I was talking about character depth in my post, about allowing the life of the detective to be something other than a pamphlet of PC catchphrases. People are weird, and do weird things, and think bad thoughts and good ones, and characters in fiction should, too, without the "moralizing" of current bestselling PI series, which only happens when creating super-characters instead of ones that reflect the everyday joe. And that's more interesting than loner wise guys OR the oversensitive folk. The detective has problems? Good. Don't solve them, writers. And sometimes (like Pelecanos' Stefanos) make them get worse, too.

Neil Smith

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