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Mark Blumenthal (
Sat, 6 Nov 1999 01:13:29 -0600

Steve McHale writes,
> >
> One thing that strikes me about the DKA series is how fast some of
> the stories move. You need to wear your seatbelt when reading Gone No
> Forwarding or Dead Skip. On the other hand, 32 Cadillacs is where Gores
> great fun with DKA.

 You're right about the earlier books. 32 Cadillacs, with its inclusion of Westlake's characters from the Dortmunder series is clearly less intense. It's meant to be his tribute to the detective agency he worked for as well as all real detectives. Aside from the humor it resembles the later Stark books, Comeback and Backflash, where a more mature writer sacrificifes some of the stripped down pace of his earlier books to produce a fuller work. The big difference being being that, given Parker's character, Stark cannot allow any lightness in the books. Mark

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