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 Karl W. Reinsch asked,

> Does anyone have a list of all the short stories under the Richard Stark
> name?
> I just came across "The Curious Facts Preceeding My Execution" by Richard
> Stark in "Alfred Hitchcock's A Hangman's Dozen". Interestingly enough, the
> book also contains a Westlake story.
One of the for reasons writer's taking pseudonyms is that magazine editors don't like to have two works in a monthly edition by the same author.
'Execution' is the title story of a collection published in 1973 under Westlake's name. To my knowledge he has openly acknowledged all his mystery and sf pseudonyms except Samuel Holt. The story/short novel, __Anarchaos__, first appeared under the pseudonym Curt Clark, but it later was in the collection of his sf , __Tomorrow's Crimes__.

Like other writers he wrote 'adult' books under pseudonyms when he started. In one he supposedly collaborated with Lawrence Block. Sometime this year someone, I think Mark Sullivan, listed all his known pseudonyms. You should be able to find this in the archives. There is also a Westlake web page that goes into this at <> Mark

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