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The author's name, Morse, seemed familiar to me but I did not read '..Enchiladas' (by the way, first publication of this novel seems to be in 1982).

So I double checked, and in fact I found I was looking for one of his previous books, quite a long time ago, and could not find it. That was: 'The Old Dicks'(1981) for which I red very good reviews at the time, and I think the book even received an Award. It's the story of an old PI
(seventy over)and it was done (as per the reviewers) with some black humor in a novel with rather subtle developments...

Seems that after this one, he did less elaborated constructions in his other novels. So '..Enchiladas' could effectively be tongue in cheek.

Morse published 'Slease'(1985) with the same PI character as in Enchiladas, Sam Hunter.
 In my documentation I found that Morse wrote also under the alias of Runa Fairleight.

I however found no traces of his possible works after 1985.

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

--- Jason Debly <> wrote:
> Anybody ever read "The Big Enchilada" by L.A. Morse?
> It was published around
> 1991 or '92, and is currently out of print. I
> happen to think it is a gem of
> a hard boiled novel that makes the reader wonder
> whether the author intended
> it as a satire of the genre or was dead serious.
> Look for it in used book
> stores.

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