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Chris Bahn wrote:
> What's the first Parker book? I'd like to read them in order.

The Parker novels, in order:

The Hunter (aka, Point Blank; aka Payback) The Man with the Getaway Face The Outfit The Mourner The Score The Jugger The Seventh The Handle The Rare Coin Score The Green Eagle Score The Black Ice Score (my personal favorite) The Sour Lemon Score Deadly Edge Slayground Plunder Squad Butcher's Moon Comeback Backflash Jimmy the Kid (several chapters from a nonexistant Parker novel serve as a blueprint for Dortmunder's gang; needless to say, Dortmunder is no Parker)

In addition, Alan Grofield, the actor who finances his stage work by pulling the occasional heist with one of Parker's strings, appears in three Parker novels (The Score, The Handle, Butcher's Moon), and in four solo novels:

The Damsel The Dame The Blackbird Lemons Never Lie

Grifield is sort of the lighter side of Richard Stark, and his solo books aren't bad, but there's no substitute for Parker.


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