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Tue, 2 Nov 1999 16:41:40 -0500 (EST)

Katie, Parker does, indeed, pay income tax. The reason why is explained in a later book in the series, The Score (AKA Killtown).

A bunch of crooks are sitting around planning a score when one of them jokes he'll take his expenses off on his income tax. Another of the thieves, Grofield is incredulous, asks:

"Why bother?"

Littlefield leaned closer to him. "You're a young man, you can stil learn. Pay attention to this. You can steal in this country, you can rape and murder, you can bribe public officials, you can pollute the morals of the young, you can burn your business down for the insurance money, you can do almost anything you want, and if you act with just a little caution and common sense you'll never even be indicted. But if you don't pay your income tax, Grofield, you will go to jail." . . .

"Income tax is Federal," Parker told him.

"So's a bank, for Christ's sake."

"I don't mean a Federal offense, I mean Federal, whose money it is. A bank is stockholders, but income tax is government money."

Certainly adds some more evidence for your (and my own) ideological reading of Stark's Parker.

I saw Westalke talk earler this year and he said that about two or three books into the series, he realized that these books were about work and professionalism. It just so happens Parker's profession is criminal.


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