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Tue, 2 Nov 1999 14:38:16 -0600

>There is a definite undercurrent of
> ideology here -- the plastic surgeon who couldn't make a legitimate
> living because of his Commy connections, and Stubbs, who was beaten into
> submission by strike-breakers. It seems like Westlake is almost telling
> us that Parker does what he does as part of the class struggle.

Certainly. Woody Haut spends some time talking about this in his "Neon Noir" study. Especially when talking about the next in the series, "The Outfit," where Parker send the call out to all his independent criminal associates to make that big score against the big lazy crime syndicate The Outfit (almost like a corporation instead of a mob) because it stiffed him out of some money. How the little guy can hurt the big guy, all that.

Neil Smith

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