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I think this is the second or third time I get out from the shadows to say something and I admit I never bothered to introduce myself to all of you. Call it shyness, I didn't want to be bad-mannered... But now that everybody is doing it I seem to have found the strenght! Here I go: my name is Virginia and I live in Spain, a city in the north called La Coruna ( just in case there're some other Spaniards in the list who might know). I work as a librarian in one of the faculties of my city's University
(nothing related with literature, I'm afraid) and I just happened to know anything about hard-boiled books when I studied in high school and, strange as it may seem, a teacher there made us read a book by Raymond Chandler,
"The lady in the lake", it was. From that moment on, I really fell in love with the genre and went on reading everything I could find, from Chandler I went on to Hammet, and McDonald, and Cain and.... just everything published in Spain and in Spanish. But it was not until very recently when I could really enjoy this books, and that was when I could start reading them in the original language, which is a real change and makes you realise it's incommensurably better than you believed ( and that was very good...). So, I have a strong reason to be grateful to the net! I can buy all the books (almost) you talk about, I can re-read all the books I'd alredy read in Spanish and well... and you must be wondering why I have decided to post an enormous mail when your lives were better and happier before I did... But the reason was to answer a recent question posted by Jason M Boog about knights and private dicks and thought it could be interesting for him to read an essay I found about this subject and other things, at least it was interesting for me :

Jason, I hope this is of some help, thought it's not exactly what you were asking for.

If you ever get to the end of this message, I'm sorry about the lenght and promise not to do it again, in some long time!

Cheers, Virginia

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>Dear hardboiled's,
>I'm coming out of lurkdom for some friendly advice. Does anybody know
>some books I could look at by Hammett (or at least with quotes) talking
>about how his private dick days relate to his stories and books? Also,
>I'm almost positive I read an essay by Chandler once where he talked about
>the Sir Mallory (Morte d'Arthur writer) and Marlowe/Malory connection.
>Would anybody happen to know where I saw that? At this point, I'd be
>happy to read anything by him (I already have the essay "Simple Art of
>Murder") about the romantic knight and private dick connection.
>And, I'd just like to defend The Dain Curse. It may be a bit
>disorganized, but any book that has a chapter named "God" that's as full
>of crazy hardboiled action as The Dain Curse is high on my list of
>Thanks for any help.
>Jason Boog
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