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sonatine and hana-bi are two of the most staggeringly beautiful films i've ever seen. i went from wanting to leave hana-bi because it was SO nonlinear to being utterly transfixed. i suppose they are somewhat hard-boiled, though i'd never thought of them in that context before...anyone going in expecting to see something that resembles american films of that genre (is it a genre?) is going to be very confused, at the very least...

interestingly, kitano has recently sworn off violence completely. granted, he's only made one film since making that pledge, but what i've read indicates that, so far, he's sticking to it.

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Speaking of Japanese hardboiled/noir, Beat Takeshi Kitano has made several harsh movies. Violent Cop makes the most of Kitano's appearance, he looks kind of like a Japanese version of Charles Bronson. Sonatine, which had been released in the US by Tarantino's Rolling Thunder, is a bizarre Yakuza flick. And Fireworks (Hanna Bi) follows a cop after his partner is shot and his wife becomes terminally ill. All of his films I have seen explore that area where Zen and existentialism seen to meet.

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