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Bill Hagen writes: My
>source (Goulart, The Dime Detectives) says the first Op story was not
>published until Oct. 1923.
>If Goulart is wrong, I'd like to know, and the actual date of the first Op,
>so I can make a marginal correction in his book!

Richard Layman, in the Pittsburgh U Press Bibliography of Hammett, gives the publication date of "Arson Plus" as October 1, 1923 in Black Mask. The story was published as by Peter Collinson. This was Hammett's (as Collinson) third appearance in BM. The first being in December, 1922 ("The Road Home," definitely not an Op story) and the second was "The Vicious Circle," which I've never seen, in the June 15, 1923 issue.

Earlier in '23, he did "The Master Mind" (Smart Set, 1/23), "The Sardonic Star of Tom Dooley" (Brief Stories, 2/23) and "From the Memoirs of a Private Detective" (Smart Set, 3/23).

No matter how you look at it, Daly beat him out of the blocks. We all know who actually won the race, though. PB

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