Re: RARA-AVIS: Hammett or Daly?
25 Oct 99 11:46:00 -0400

       RE BobT's recent post:

       While Daly was undoubtedly first with a PI character named
       "Three-Gun" Terry Mack, the Op beat Race Williams into print by
       several months. Further, although "Three-Gun Terry," the
       first-ever story about a hard-boiled sleuth who defines his
       profession as a private detective, beat "Arson Plus," the first
       Op story, into print by a few scant weeks, there's no reason to
       suppose that Hammett would never have created the Op had not
       Daly created Mack. In fact the rwo stories were very probably
       being written simultaneously. Daly, being a less careful
       writer, simply beat Hammett to the mailbox.

       On the other hand, there's plenty of reason to suppose that
       Chandler wouldn't have created Marlowe, Macdonald wouldn't have
       created Archer, Nebel wouldn't have created Donohue, etc.,
       etc., etc., had Hammett not first created the Op.

       In other words, while Daly was undeniably first, Hammett was
       far more influential.


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