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> Dismissive criticism of Hammett (as of Hemingway and,
> more recently, of Norman Mailer) is prevalent among
> self-styled "postmoderns" and "feminist" types. These
> people hate those quintessentially modern authors;
> they favor instead confused, self-referential and
> supremely boring narratives of the John
> Barth-Marguerite Duras variety. In fairness to
> Bowman, I don't know if he belongs to these so-called
> "theoretical" circles. Certainly, his article seems
> misinformed and poorly argued.
> Why doesn't Salon get a prominent hardboiled writer to
> write on Hammett, someone like Block or Pronzini or
> Gores or any number of people who love and understand
> the genre and its history?

    Mario, write a good review and submit it... They, if it is well written enough, will publish it. Enclose first serial rights, or better yet all rights.

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