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                                           Updated 6:05 PM ET October 21, 1999

 Cops from canceled cop series to reunite for a TV movie

 by Julie Keller

 The cops from Homicide: Life on the Street are coming back to fight
 crime in Baltimore.

 After a year of rumors and speculation about reuniting following the
 cancellation of the seven-year, award-winning NBC drama, more
 than 20 cast members are returning to duty in an NBC TV picture,
 Homicide: The Movie.

 Production begins in Baltimore in November, and the movie will be
 ready for its Peacock network premiere in the spring.

 Emmy winner Andre Braugher is set to reprise his role as Detective Frank Pembleton. Other
 favorites coming back include Ned Beatty as Detective Stanley Bolander, and Richard
 Belzer, taking a break from Law The killed-off characters of Daniel Baldwin and Jon Polito
 will be back as Detective Beau Felton and Steve Croscetti, respectively.
(We're guessing

 The show's original executive producers Barry Levinson (Wag the Dog) and Tom Fontana
 (HBO's Oz) are also on board.

 The hardened batch of detectives will come together to search for the killer of one of the
 Baltimore's finest. While the network claims the movie is made for fans and non-fans alike, it
 also promises to answer some unresolved questions lingering from the show's last season.

 The series, winner of three Peabody Awards, three Emmys and two Writers Guild Awards,
 managed to attract a cult-like following of fans, many of whom are wary, yet excited about
 the prospect of reuniting their favorite crime fighters.

 "Will they be able to capture the magic?" asks one cyberfan on the alt.tv.homicide
 newsgroup. "Who knows, but it will be fun to watch them try."

 Others are more concerned. "The script supervisor is going to have a hell of a time getting
 everything right," grumbles another fan on the same newsgroup.

 Even the most cynical Homicide fan has to be impressed with the upcoming movie's extensive
 credits, however. Other cast members returning include Reed Diamond as Detective Mike
 Kellerman; Giancarlo Esposito as Special Agent Mike Giardello; Michelle Forbes as Dr.
 Juliana Cox; Peter Gerety as Detective Stuart Gharty; Isabella Hoffman as Captain Megan
 Russert; Zeljko Ivanek as Ed Danvers; Clark Johnson as Detective Meldrick Lewis; Yaphet
 Kotto as Lieutenant Al Giardello; Melissa Leo as Detective Kay Howard; Toni Lewis as
 Detective Terri Stivers; ER's Michael Michele as Detective Rene Sheppard; Max Perlich as
 James Brodie; Kyle Secor as Detective Tim Bayliss; John Seda as Detective Paul Falson and
 Callie Thorne as Detective Laura Ballard.


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