RARA-AVIS: Get Carter

Daniel Sevitt (DANIELSE@Amdocs.com)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 10:57:08 +0200

On a recent trip to England I laid down five pounds and 99 new pence for a new copy of Get Carter (Jack's Return Home) published in 1998 by Allison & Busby. I added it to my to-be-read pile and got to it this weekend. I was enjoying it thoroughly until I reached page 48 which was immediately followed by page 129. The book then continues until page 176 which leads neatly into page 97 which then continues to the end of the book on page 224 including the pages 129-176 that appeared earlier. I am incredibly frustrated. I have emailed both the vendor and the publisher but I figure my chances of getting satisfaction from here in Israel are slim. I keep getting the nagging feeling that this would never have happened if I had found a second hand copy of the book somewhere. Does anyone have any similar tales of woe from Allison & Busby? I remember that they fumbled the ball terribly by failing to release a new copy of The Hunter/Point Blank or any of the other Stark books when Payback was released. On another topic I finally finished the Lloyd Hopkins trilogy with Suicide Hill this weekend. I thought it was one of Ellroy's strongest and was really impressed at how Hopkins' character had developed across the three books.

Daniel Sevitt danielse@amdocs.com

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