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Hope no one minds the plug here. We are commencing, hopefully, an organized discussion of the stories in Nightmare Town on the Hammett Mailing List.

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The reading schedule is listed below:

Dear HammettList Members:

This list has been rather quiet for some time but, it's impossible not to keep it so with the publication of Nightmare Town. Let's start an organized reading. I set up a one-story-a-week schedule for the next few months. Everybody is reading a lot of stuff so I thought we could spread it out discussion wide.

Feel free to make some comments on the introduction this week and jump right into Nightmare Town the following.

Introduction by William Nolan October 4, 1999 Nightmare Town October 11 1999 House Dick October 18, 1999 Ruffian's Wife October 25, 1999 The Man Who Killed Don Odams November 1, 1999 Night Shots November 8, 1999 Zigzags of Treachery November 15, 1999 The Assistant Murder November 22, 1999 His Brother's Keeper November 29, 1999 Two Sharp Knives December 6, 1999 Death on Pine Street December 13, 1999 The Second Story Angel December 20, 1999 Afraid of a Gun December 27, 1999 Tom, Dick or Harry January 3, 1999 One Hour January 10, 1999 Who Killed Bob Teal? January 17, 1999 A Man Called Spade January 24, 1999 Too Many Have Lived January 31, 1999 They Can Only Hang You Once February 7, 1999 A Man Named Thin February 14, 1999 The First Thin Man February 20, 1999

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