RARA-AVIS: Timlin/Dead on Deansgate (wasLiza Cody)

Peter Walker (pw@pw.cablenet.co.uk)
Sat, 2 Oct 1999 12:25:37 +0000

Kevin Smith wrote....
> And how about the very Hammerish Nick Sharman by Mark Timlin. His books are
> available here, but has this Brit dick found his way to the States beyond a
> few mystery bookstores?
Timlin is courting controvesy again by having a go at the UK's CWA and they don't like it. Rumour has it they tired to stop him comng to D on D - worried he may upset the cosies perhaps (doen't take much). Anyway D on D is with us again for a second year and this time we;re having a whip round to pay Kev's metro fair to get here. The prog is really good - much expanded: Fri: Noir with Russell James and Timlin (noir?????), social agenda's in crime writing, humour Sat: Loads - to much to type anyway but some American guy called M Connelly is there.. Sun: More of the same..poss some more Americans as well www.waterstones-manchester-deansgate.co.uk E: crime@waterstones-manchester-deansgate.co.uk
***AND FOR gods sake tell Jim I said to buy a ticket (as in P Walker
- not the author) Pete

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