RARA-AVIS: Highsmith Lesbian Novel

Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:29:54 -0400

Sonia, then Mario:

<< Yes we had a discussion about it a year ago when we discussed Ripley and
 the fact Ripley is gay or at least bisexual ; the book is called "Carol" ,
 shocking at the time because of its happy ending ... it is sold everywhere
 in Paris, I mean not the womens bookshops only
 Sonia, in paris
>Didn't Patricia Highsmith write a pseudonymous novel
>with a lesbian theme in the fifties? I vaguely recall
>some discussion of this, way back when, but not the
>title or whether it was ever reissued (I've never seen
>Mario Taboada

In the U.S., the book is published (and in print) as The Price of Salt by Claire Morgan (Naiad Press).


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