RARA-AVIS: up and coming hb writers

A.N.Smith (ansmith@netdoor.com)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 07:36:32 -0500

I recently asked about up and coming women noir writers, and was grateful for the answers. Someone suggested Vicki Hendricks, and I followed up on that. Wonderful stuff. Thanks.

It's all part of a project I'm working on, which I can't talk about just yet
(you'll all like it, and I'll tell you when I can). And so another question: Who are some up and coming hardboiled writers that any of you have an eye on? No category this time, and I'm interested in those who are bubbling under the surface, maybe not even with a major book out. Maybe a small press one. Or maybe just someone with only short stories to show for now. Especially someone who is working in different areas than most, with language, character, story.

Much appreciated, Neil Smith

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