Re: RARA-AVIS: Amusing mention of Chandler and Hammett in with others, not forgetting Bukowski

Etienne Borgers (
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 00:31:50 -0700 (PDT)

Yep, snobbish it sounds.

The shoplifter's list (besides our beloved RC and DH, that I cannot really figure why we found them there) seems to be mostly with a "contre culture" taste, meaning that perhaps they are lifted by young readers interested in literature and philosophy having that reputation.

Except for the lady, and Martin Amis, I know the others by my readings and I really do not understand how Rosenbaum dare to qualify them as lame, I quote:
"Still, with some exceptions, it's a fairly insipid list" I'm not sure he knows what exceptions...

And his alternative list does really not really grab me. Give us a break...

In defend of Bukowski that irritates so many American readers, I must say he looks honest to me. That's the way he is, the way he presents himself in his chronicles. And his writing is far less "simple" than it seems. Also, I remember his impromptu (years ago) during a live French TV program, wherein writers are together on a common set, discussing and commenting their latest books. Prime time! 90 minutes. Was very popular in France! Suddenly, B rises from his seat and asks that
"somebody makes that b... shut up" (something like that). By the tone of his voice we understand he is half-drunk. Consternation. The "speaker", master of ceremony, tries to understand B wants to joke...No, no, no... B is not joking and to prove it he becomes more graphic. He really wants that somebody stops the woman writer that was speaking since at least 5 minutes about her book, her views. To make it short, the point of view of B was that she was a female-moron not understanding zip about lit. And he was right!!! They stopped the show, expelled B... I still maintain he was right. Maybe rude, crude and dramatic, but totally right.

Yeah, B does really not belong to any decent list.

My 2 cents.

E.Borgers Hard-boiled Mysteries

--- Mark Sullivan <> wrote:
> I must admit I found Rosenbaum's Red Wind typo,
> "curving knife," kind of
> amusing, but shouldn't somone who is being so
> snobbish about his
> literary taste (I'm no fan of Bukowski's either, but
> . . .) be more
> careful about his quoting - it may just be anal on
> my part, but the
> Dylan quote is "But to live outside the law, you
> must be honest."
> Mark
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