Re: RARA-AVIS: Amusing mention of Chandler and Hammett in with others

Bob Toomey (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 21:45:06 -0400

> I followed a link in a web log to:
> which mentions that Hammett and Chandler are on Barnes and Noble's list of
> authors who are frequently shoplifted, along with a handful of others.
> It's an entertaining little piece.

Ron Rosenbaum goes on to list the books HE would shoplift if he were the sort of guy who shoplifted books. It got me to thinking -- if I found myself in a bookstore that carried everything hardboiled and I didn't have any money and nobody was looking, what books would I nick? Off the top of my head:

THE SCREAMING MIMI, by Fredric Brown THE BLACK ICE SCORE, by Richard Stark THE BOX, by Peter Rabe THE MOUSE IN THE MOUNTAINS, by Norbert Davis THE HARDBOILED OMNIBUS, ed. by Joseph T. Shaw NO GOOD FROM A CORPSE, by Leigh Brackett

Well, the list goes on, and I guess I'd back a truck up to the store and start shoveling books off the shelves -- if I was that sort of guy.


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