RARA-AVIS: Craig Rice

Joe Hoffman (ljhoffman@worldnet.att.net)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 22:48:50 -0400

I recently found a few Craig Rice books at a garage sale, and am totally enjoying this "semi-hard-boiled writer". But I have a few questions...

Did she also write under the pseudonyms of Michael Venning and Daphne Sanders? Was there a movie in the mid-40's based on her books, something with George Murphy in it? Can't remember the names of the other actors... one of the blondes from that era played the heroine, I think.

I know she died fairly young, and some of her books were completed by other authors...who finished "The April Robin Murders" for her... was it Stuart Palmer?

I know you guys know almost everything, so I'm hoping you can answer these questions for me. Thanks.

Anita Hoffman

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