RARA-AVIS: Lust is a Woman, etc.

Sun, 26 Sep 1999 02:59:42 EDT

Juha Lindroos:

<< Have you read "Lust is a Woman" ? I've never even seen a
 copy on sale. >>

Lust is a Woman, Understudy for Love, and perhaps No Experience fall in a period when Willeford wrote hastily to help cover school expenses (or so he said--probably noted in Don Herron's book); he considered them weaker works. I've read "Lust," but not "Understudy," and would say his assessment is fair.
 The Woman Chaser, however, which I consider his best work, came out at this time too.

I checked my notes on No Experience--Chapters One and Eight are the non-Willeford ones.

On PBOs, I saw a copy of the first of High Priest (paired with the Talbot Mundy) in a case in Powell's Books in Porland, OR, last week--I think they were asking 80 bucks.


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