RARA-AVIS: Willeford--No Experience Necessary

Fri, 24 Sep 1999 23:04:51 EDT

Bill Denton writes:

<< I recently read _No Experience Necessary_, and the first two chapters
 really stand out. I checked, and they were written by someone else.
 (First chapter's a sex fantasy, and the second is a little girl telling an
 old man about a guy in the park who's been molesting her.) After that it
 becomes recognizably Willeford, and we get what was later cannabilized for
 _Sideswipe_. Good book, but not his best. >>

I had thought that some of the second chapter (but definitely not the first) was Willeford--it contains some of the stuff picked up in Sideswipe. There's a later chapter that is also not authored by Willeford, if I recall correctly. Like the first chapter, it is another dream sequence. The transitions in the post-dream chapters must also be inserts.


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