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On 24 Sep 99, at 7:25, McHale, Steve wrote:

> > Also, sorta related, has anybody read Willeford's WHIP HAND ? I just
> > finished it today and while it had a lot of CW's touches and presence in
> > it, it also lacked the finishing touch and is probably the weakest (not
> > to say bad, by any means) of his books I've read.
> >
> Sure, I'd love to say I read it but I've had little luck finding it. Once
> in a while I see originals at auction for over $100. Were there reprints
> of this?

None, unless Gold Medal did more than one pressing of it. I got my copy for $26, and the only reason it was that high was that the guy selling it thought it (or sold it as) a rare kinky lesbian/bondage book.

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"Mystery is the essential element in every work of art." -Luis Bunuel

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