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On 23 Sep 99, at 19:02, William Denton wrote:

> That's the the one that was co-written, where his name didn't make it onto
> the cover, right? I'm not surprised it was weak, if some other fellow was
> messing around with it.

That's the one, and besides having been co- and rewritten it was also his first book. Occasionally the real Willeford shines through though, and it does have some interesting parallels to Miami Blues (with the bad guy called Junior and some other bits and pieces). Worth a look, and an interesting piece in the body of work, but that's about it.
> I recently read _No Experience Necessary_, and the first two chapters
> really stand out. I checked, and they were written by someone else.
> (First chapter's a sex fantasy, and the second is a little girl telling an
> old man about a guy in the park who's been molesting her.) After that it
> becomes recognizably Willeford, and we get what was later cannabilized for
> _Sideswipe_. Good book, but not his best.

Oh yeah, I'd love to read that and a few others I can't afford. I gather none of the early 60's novels will be reprinted any day soon, though, like with
"Grimhaven". Have you read "Lust is a Woman" ? I've never even seen a copy on sale.
  Juha Lindroos

"Mystery is the essential element in every work of art." -Luis Bunuel

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