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> An independent production of Willeford's "The Woman Chaser" has been made
> and will premier (? or at least play) at the New York Film Festival next
> month. One hopes that its appearance there will bring it to other cities.
> The buzz in an article I read was quite favorable. Richard Hudson is
> played by Patrick Wharburton, perhaps best know for Putty on Seinfeld
> (Putty was Elaine's car mechanic boyfriend). Do any rara-avis Hollywood
> insiders (Jim, John, Terrill, etc.) have more info?

Was this the LA Weekly article you saw ?

The film was made on a very low budget, by a first time feature director Robinson Devor. The NYFF site calls it a spoof, which kinda scared me, but I guess it might be a bit of an exaggeration due to Willeford's quirky sense of humour.. we'll see. Getting accepted to the festival probably tells that whether or not it is a good adaptation, it probably is on its own a good film.

What little info I've found on it so far I've collected to a small website: - as an extension of my CW site. I'll be adding info to this whenever I find anything. If anybody knows something, I'd be glad to hear from you..

Also, sorta related, has anybody read Willeford's WHIP HAND ? I just finished it today and while it had a lot of CW's touches and presence in it, it also lacked the finishing touch and is probably the weakest (not to say bad, by any means) of his books I've read.

Juha Lindroos

"Mystery is the essential element in every work of art." -Luis Bunuel

"Mystery is the essential element in every work of art."
-Luis Bunuel


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