RARA-AVIS: homicide

Martha Fischer (sakana@stlnet.com)
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 11:28:07 -0500

there was talk a while back about a homicide movie, and musings about which cast would be around. in the most recent tv guide, there's a brief column regarding a homicide tv movie scheduled for march. according to the article, the movie got the go-ahead only after andre braugher signed on; other members of the current (for want of a better word) cast expected to appear are yaphet kotto, richard blezer, and kyle secor. the article ends with this: "Other players who had exited the series earlier in its six year run-- including melissa leo, ned beatty, and reed diamond-- may get a shot a playing detective again, too." i guess my memory that ned beatty's character is dead is wrong...are the only dead characters john polito's and daniel baldwin's?


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