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> It takes all kinds I guess, because I liked A Slight Case mostly becauses
> its tongue in cheek kind of humor. And the last scene in which the main
> character gives an "I give up" face to the camera, priceless.

It was that final scene that turned this from a bland light crime movie
(never been big on light crime: "Look, there's a murder! That's nifty!") into a bad movie experience for me. Too sudden, too tidy, I don't believe the explanation, Macy's been talking to us the whole movie, so it felt like a dirty trick, and then when he's in the car: "I read your screenplay. It sucked. It's schlock. Trash." What was that?

When Westlake does screenwork, it's on fire--"Grifters". When Boorman did Stark, in "Point Blank," more fire. So I was looking forward to this. Now I try to forget.

But like you said, it takes all kinds, and I respect that. My humble opinion, that's all.

Neil Smith

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