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i'm with juri-- i got kiss me, deadly from the library last week in order to give spillane a shot. i got about 40 pages in before i just couldn't take it any more. i've got no problem with realist machoism (for want of a more sophisticated term), but with spillane it seems like he's trying SO hard to make hammer a Man that it becomes impossible to stomach. also, i don't have much patience for the "die, commies, die" genre....


> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Mark Sullivan wrote:
> > All that means is Spillane has a Madonna/Whore complex, where the women
> > Hammer loves must remain pure, while all other women are there to be
> > used. Velda and the murderess are the only women Hammer doesn't screw
> > in I, The Jury. The latter is allegedly because he has fallen in love
> > with her (so she must remain virginal for their marriage), but serves
> > the double purpose of ensuring he remains untainted by her
> > yet-to-be-exposed evil.
> Now here's a man to my tastes. I find Spillane rather loathsome author who
> has more racist and fascist attitudes than almost any other writer. But he
> writes (wrote? I've heard there's no punch anymore) quite well.
> Juri

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