Re: RARA-AVIS: Thoughts on James Ellroy

Martha Fischer (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:03:11 -0500

while i, too, loved white jazz, i also was left cold by american tabloid. after reading the riveting la quartet, i found american taboid to be meandering and lacking in punch (at least when compared to the previous 4 novels)...the fascinating characters (i'm talking about in general, not specific characters who reappeared) that were followed throughout the la quartet books would appear in american tabloid and then vanish. i also remember being uninterested in the semi-main character in the latter novel...

as i perhaps have mentioned here before, the big nowhere is one of the most powerful books i've ever read. i literally didn't sleep for the last two nights i was reading it. phenomenally disturbing.


> Sorry you didn't like Am. Tabloid. Really sorry. I think it's an amazing
> book. But with post-L.A. Conf. Ellroy, I think it's very much a love him
> hate him situation. since White Jazz was the book that hooked me, and
> continues to be my favorite novel, I'm one who enjoys that direction of
> work.

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