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A couple of "add-ons" to your email:

1. The end line of "I, the Jury" is, of course, a personal favorite. I also like the narrative between the 2 pieces of the dialogue where he comments, more or less, "I had only seconds to answer her if I didn't want to talk to a corpse". Sorry, I do not have the book at hand and my previous re-read was in 1991.

2. The other end line you quote is from the second Mike Hammer book,
"Vengeance is Mine". Somebody please correct me if I do not have the correct title here. To me, Spillane went downhill from then on! (Please remember this is only my personal opinion!).

Enrique Bird

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> My favorite hardboiled line comes from Spillane's "I, The Jury." Hammer
> gut
> shoots a woman he considered marrying because it turns out she killed his
> friend. "How, how could you?" she asks. "It was easy," Mike replies.
> And then there's the Hammer where his love interest strips naked on the
> last
> page and provides Mike with a last-line surprise: "Juno was a man!" Mike
> shoots her, of course.
> Lest Hammer/Spillane be thought unfriendly to females, don't forget his
> beloved Velma. He worshiped her, became a stew bum after she disappeared,
> and eight years later pulled himself together in order to machine gun her
> adbuctors - commies, as I recall. So he wasn't harsh with all females.
> (Of
> course, there was the small matter of Velma's being hung nude from a hook
> for awhile before Mike got there with his machine gun, but her reward for
> such tribulation was great: being reunited with the palooka of her
> dreams).
> > I guess if we're into doing great hard-boiled lines, that may or may not
> > appear in hard-boiled fiction or film, we should include Flannery
> > O'Connor's bleak line from "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," wherein the
> > killer, after shotgunning a grandmother, says something like, "She'd a
> > been
> > a good woman if there'd been someone there to shoot her every day of her
> > life."
> >
> > Now that's a line that sticks to you. And many of O'Connors' stories
> > belong somewhere in the noir universe, even if "gothic" was the favorite
> > adjective of critics.
> >
> > Bill Hagen
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