Re: RARA-AVIS: noir on tv?
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 13:10:41 -0700

Martha asked is anyone had heard about a proposed television series based on Easy Rawlins. I haven't, although a share both her excitement and her skepticism that television could do anything watchable with the series.

On the other hand, I saw in the paper this morning that Tom Fontana is close to finalizing a deal with NBC for a two-hour television movie derived from Homicide: Life on the Street. The article says he is securing commitments from the "original cast." Wouldn't it be wonderful if that meant the cast from the first-year show?

I'm not sure Homicide qualifies as noir, but it certainly is one of the most hard-boiled shows ever to be on network television, not to mention one of the very best. Sure, it declined the last couple of years, but there were still moments of brilliance.

Any other Homicide fans on this list?


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