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Re Jim Beaver's post:

"It's not that recent a film, but it's got a new DVD release, so I'll mention it. It's also one of my ten favorite films of all time: the Dick Richards - Robert Mitchum version of Raymond Chandler's FAREWELL, MY LOVELY. I much prefer it to the Dick Powell version, MURDER MY SWEET, though there's nothing wrong with that version. I just think Mitchum's the man, as far as Marlowe goes."

I have to disagree. Powell was first and best of the movie Marlowes, and despite the 1940s atmosphere that made certain parts of the novel impossible to film at that time,
*Murder, My Sweet* is by far the superior film. The '75 version is to slow-moving and a bit self-referential in a way the '45 version is not. Mitchum was also ten or fifteen years to old for the part (though I admit he'd've been an awsome Marlowe in his prime).

When it comes to books into films, I tend to go for the classics: 1941's *The Maltese Falcon*, 1946's *The Killers*
(actually short story into film, but the principle is the same), 1953's *The Big Heat*, etc.

By the way, a movie doesn't have to be true to the book to be great. Check out
*Bullitt*, the 1968 film version of Robt. L. Fish's *Mute Witness*. Very different from the book, except for the bare bones of the plot, but great nonetheless. - Jim Doherty

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