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Hi, mystery fans:

I just signed on a few days ago, having heard about this list on DorothyL, where I've been lurking for a few years.

I'll probably mostly lurk here as well, but you are on a topic I care about: film adaptations of good mysteries.

Martha mentioned A&E has bought the rights to Burke's Cimarron Rose. I certainly have my fingers crossed they do a better job than the big screen people did with Heaven's Prisoners, which was horribly cast and badly directed, making a boring movie out of the very exciting first Robicheaux novel which turned me into an immediate Burke fan. I walked out of the movie depressed because I was sure it would flop and that the failure would make it difficult for other Burke novels to be translated into film.

On the other hand, I thought a fairly commendable job was done with Devil in a Blue Dress, which also flopped at the box office for reasons I don't understand (or don't want to). All right, so Denzel was a little too handsome for his role, but Cheadle was very good as Mouse and the rest of the cast wasn't bad.

Speaking of Denzel Washington, is anyone else a fan of his early movie "The Mighty Quinn"? I know some people pan it for inaccurate accents and other such errors, but it was one of my guilty pleasures which I rent every couple of years. It always makes me smile.

Didn't someone mention L.A. Confidential on the list of good recent book-to-movie translations? That movie has held up for me through four viewings now, which is unusual.

I'd also mention Jackie Brown, for those of you who missed it.

Anyone else with some suggestions of fairly recent (as in might still be available at the video rental store) movies in the film noir (or close) category?

Glad to be here, by the way, although so far you guys don't talk a lot. Smile.


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