RARA-AVIS: words

Charles Shafer (cshafer@chipsnet.com)
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 06:33:14 -0500

Here's one which to me made the book--and the movie. When Elmore Leonard was still writing westerns, great hardboiled westerns, in his Hombre, and Eli Wallach was the bad guy holding a white flag telling Paul Newman he was going to kill Barbara (sorry) Something unless Newman didn't hand over the cash. Newman says, "Go ahead, kill her." The audience goes ga-ga, me included. And then to top it off Newman says to Wallach, "Tell me one thing, how you expect to get back into hiding without me shooting you?" Wallach goes wide-eyed, saying, "But I got a white flag," and Newman says,
"good luck," and shoots him. Now that's word usage.


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