Re: RARA-AVIS: women noir writers
10 Sep 99 08:57:00 -0400

Re Neil's query:

"would anyone have suggestions regarding good up and coming women noir writers?"

I can't exactly call her "up and coming" since she's been a published writer for more than 30 years, but retired NYC Transit Police Detective Dorothy Uhnak's cop novels are tough, gritty, urban, and hard-edged, yet compassionate and sensitive. My only problem with her is that she writes so little.

Her first cop novel predates Wambaugh's first by two or three years. An argument could be made that it was Det. Uhnak, not Sgt. Wambaugh, who started the cop-novelist trend leading to writers like William Caunitz, Gerald Petievitch, Joseph McNamara, Paul Bishop, etc. It goes without saying that female officers who've become novelists, like Anne Wingate or Nevada Barr, owe Ms. Uhank a big debt. - Jim Doherty

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