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On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, ECFowler wrote:

> In fact, wasn't there an early Italian neo-realist film, early thrities
> called Ossessione, based on PART?

Yes, there is, directed by Luchino Visconti, but it was made in 1941, under the fascist regime. Mussolini liked the film and so it wasn't banned. I think it was Visconti's first film, later on he directed such classics as "Death in Venice" and "Senso". And I also think it's the best of films based on the Cain's book, although there are some melodramatic moments that the audience now might find laughable.

> Was McCoy doing a DosPassos parody/homage with the sentencing sequence
> dividing the chapters?

This is a new angle. Someone might work on that.

> Am in the middle of Thieves Like Us. Does this title have anything to do
> with the great song by New Order of several years back

This reminds me of a thought that I cherished last week: is there hard boiled rock music? I mean music that uses the atmospheres of hard boiled or, which is more important, uses in its lyrics the themes of hard boiled literature? This came to me when I listened Larry Wallis's "Police Car". It surely is hard boiled: "I got power / I got speed / I got a shotgun under my seat" and so on. (Wallis was a guitarist in Pink Fairies
(some kind of pre-Motorhead) and made this piece in mid-70's.)

As for New Order, I just don't know.


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