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Hello all...just discovered this list and looking forward to the discussion. I've been a fan of Jim Thompson after finding the Black Lizard re-issues of his work in the late eighties. I devoured these and fell in love with the style, but for whatever reasons put it aside. In any event, over the last year I've discovered for myself that part of the genre best exemplified by Thompson and have so far been reading some of the early antecedents such as Hammett and Chandler. But what I am fascinated with is the Thompson type work such as Cain, Woolrich and Willeford, as well as some of the current stuff by Ellroy and Vachss.

Incidently, where I come from literarily is from big, so-called difficult writers such as Pynchon, DeLillo, Gaddis, McEllroy, Foster Wallace and that ilk.

Presently, I'm having an exciting time going through the collection in The Library of America's pricey, but worth it, two volume anthology Crime Novels, with selections by Cain, McCoy, Anderson, Fearing, Gresham, Woolrich, Thompson, Highsmith, Willeford, Goodis and Himes. It's a wonderful collection and I can't think of a better introduction to the genre for someone not previously exposed to it.

Thanks for maintaining the list.


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