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Jim Beaver (JUMBLEJIM@prodigy.net)
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 22:12:38 -0700

This is slightly OT, but since some of the items are HB, and since the members of this list seem particularly knowledgeable about this kind of material, perhaps I can be forgiven. In my research for a biography of actor George Reeves, I'm looking for these items which are all source material for projects for film or television that he appeared in. They all date from pre-1953, I believe.

"Gardenia" by Vera Caspary The Mouthpiece - Frank J. Collins
"Gunsight Whitman" - Sylvia Richards
"The Doctor's Secret" - William J. Makin The Sainted Sisters - Elisa Bialk & Alden Nash
"Murder in Sing Sing" - Jonathan Finn O'Halloran's Luck (author unknown) Journey Through Darkness (author unknown) Hurry, Hurry (author unknown) Seen But Not Heard - Martin Berkeley The Wind is Ninety - Ralph Nelson Feathers in a Gale - Pauline Jamerson & Reginald Lawrence Six By Six (author unknown) The Ides of April (author unknown) Leda's Portrait (author unknown) Silent As the Grave (author unknown) White Mail (author unknown) The Great Nonentity (author unknown) The Bomber Command (author unknown) Sentence of Death (author unknown) Home for Christmas (author unknown) Talk of the Town (author unknown)

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