Re: RARA-AVIS: HB/noir carnival setting?

Staffars Serier (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 05:33:20 +0200

Mark Sullivan:
>Speaking of carnivals, Michael Chong brought up Gresham's Nightmare
>Alley in his original query. This was originally set to be the third in
>Art Spiegelman's Neon Lit series of graphic adaptations of noir novels,
>following Paul Auster's City of Glass and Barry Gifford's Perdito
>Durango. I have the first two. The third never came out. right? I
>didn't miss it, did I?

Nope. Never came out. Or if it did, it never went through the usual comics distribution channels.

>Finally, it's not exactly noir, but you can't have a discussion of
>carnivals without bringing up Todd Browning's movie Freaks. A truly
>creepy movie, banned in the USA for years, adapted into a graphic novel
>illustrated by Berni Wrightson and the inspiration of the Ramones'
>Gabba, Gabba Hey!

There was also a more recent comics adaption by Jim Woodring and F. Solano Lopez.


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