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Re Jiro's recent post"

"In the fifties there were a couple of film noirs that told about the nuclear disasters: "Kiss Me Deadly", "The City of Fear" and "Panic in the Streets". Could they be classified as SF?"

*Panic in the Streets* was about the threat of Bubonic plague, not nuclear holocaust, and since it was a dramatization of a true-life case, it probably can't count as Sci-Fi (to a native Bay Arean like me SF means
"San Francisco" not "science fiction"). Three other '50s crime films about nuclear holocaust are *Seven Days to Noon*, *Split Second*, and *The Atomic City*. I'd say they don't count as sci-fi because they were dealing with technology that was possible in the era in which they were made, whereas *Blade Runner*, etc., deal with futuristic technology that does not yet exist. - Jim Doherty

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