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24 Aug 99 16:18:00 -0400

Re Bill's recent post:
     "I don't know much about Gruber. Are these" [Fletcher & Cragg]
     "recurring characters? If not, did he have any, or did everything
     stand alone?"
     Yes they are. I don't know how many books were in the series, but
     there were several. Also at least one movie with Mike Mazurki as the
     muscular guy.
     Gruber also wrote three novels about a LA-based PI name Simon Lash.
     In the pulps he wrote a long series of short stories about
     crime-solving encyclopedia salesman Oliver Quade, some of which were
     collected in a book called, if memory serves, *Brass Knucks*.
     Interestingly, all three series dealt with books in one way or
     another. Quade, as I mentioned, was an encyclopedia salesman.
     Fletcher & Cragg sold a body-building manual. Lash collected rare
     books about the early frontier which were often the "Macguffins" of
     the books' plots. - Jim Doherty

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