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 Bill and Martha, by all means do try Laurell's series. I would recommend
 staring with the second book, The Laughing Corpse, or even the third,
 Circus Of The Damned, and then going back to the first. I'm not sure if
 I would have gone on with them if I had read the first one first, even
 though it's good. There is another series by P.N. Elrod about a vampire
 detective which is good, but much, much tamer than Laurell's.

I have never heard anybody recommend reading the 2nd and 3rd books first. Guilty Pleasures hooked me on the whole series. I was lucky in that all but the last book had already been published by the time I started them. I went on an Anita Blake marathon and read one book after another until I had finished the whole series. Nothing satisfied me after that. Somebody recommended Tanya Huff's series but I didn't like it. P. N. Elrod's Jack Fleming series is good, also. I loaned all my friends and family Guilty Pleasures. Most of them griped about not liking vampire books but I was very obnoxious about it :) Every one of them was on the phone the next day asking for the order of the books because they were hooked. Obsidion Butterfly is the next book in the series due out in 2,000. This series is my very favorite, as you can probably tell. There's never a dull moment from the first page to the last in every one of them. OK, I'll shut-up now.


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