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William Denton <buff@pobox.com> wrote:
> I'm reading _The Laughing Fox_ by Frank Gruber, a fast-paced
> thing about craps, fox breeding and murder.
> It features Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg
> ... Are these recurring characters?

Yes they are. The Fletcher/ Cragg team appears in:
- The French Key (1939)
- The Laughing Fox (1940)
- The Talking Clock (1940)
- The Hungry Dog (?)
- The Navy Colt (?)
- The Mighty Blockhead (1941)
- The Gift Horse (?)
- The Silver Tombstone (?)
- The Honest Dealer (1947)
- The Whispering Master (1947)
- The Gamecock Murder (aka The Scarlet Feather) (1948)
- A Job of Murder (aka The Leather Duke) (1949)
- The Limping Goose (?)

I found the ones that I have read all good fast-paced fun.

Gruber's authobiography "The Pulp Jungle" makes an interesting reading as well as he describes his life in poverty as a pulp writer in NYC during the depression years. Apparently he had to live for a considerable period of time on
"tomato soup" which he prepared himself in automat restaurants from hot tea water, the ketchup bottle on the table and a dissolved customary cookie you got with the tea water. As he always "forgot" to buy a teabag with the water, he never had to pay anything for this delicious menue.


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