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Juri Nummelin wrote:

> On my reading list there is also Badge of Evil (1956), written under the
> Whit Masterson byline, which has been made into "Touch of Evil", one of
> the best crime movies ever made. I have read that the book does not have
> the same ambivalence than the Welles movie.

True. In the book, the characters are clearly divided into good guys and bad.

There are a couple of other, perhaps interesting, differences as well. In the book, Hank Quinlan has a partner in crime, whereas Welles rolled them both into one (judging by the size of him, quite literally :-) Also, in the movie Charlton Heston plays a mexican with an American wife. In the book, Heston's character was an all- American D.A. with a Mexican wife.

It's a good book, but the movie is even better.

Btw, didn't Wade & Miller also write as Dale Wilmer?

Anders Engwall

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