RARA-AVIS: talking of sci-fi/noir

Martha Fischer (sakana@stlnet.com)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 13:59:16 -0500

someone mentioned blade runner-- i consider dark city to be the greatest ever merging of the two genres (granted, the pool isn't very large). though there were mixed opinions on the film when it was released, imho it's an incredibly powerful, remarkably effective grafting of noir sensibilities onto what is ostensibly a sci-fi film. apart from the obvious plot elements, there is at least one very concious visual nod to the world of noir-- there's a scene in a diner that is essentially a color version of a shot in gun crazy....dark city, to me, is one of the darkest noirs i've ever seen-- since it is set loose from the bonds of earthly reality, its horrors can be even deeper than those of traditional noir films; it goes beyond even detour for the grimness it presents (again, imho).


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