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Gary Warren Niebuhr (piesbook@execpc.com)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 06:36:53 -0700

>Didn't Robert J. Randisi write a book about a PI who gets transported
>through time to the American Civil War? And I remember that Ron Goulart
>has written some PI stuff in outer space. (Haven't read those though.)
>Juri Nummelin

Randisi's book was written with Kevin D. Randle and it is called ONCE UPON A MURDER. This is a strange little book, and not just because it is a fantasy crossover. Miles Paladon is a 1939 era Chicago P. I. pulled into the land of Palandrum after he takes a bullet in a Chicago backalley. It seems that Paladon, the heir to the throne of Palandrum, has taken an arrow in combat against the Queen of Daman, and sorcery has united these dopplegangers across time and space. Living as two men in one body in Palandrum, the two men have a running internal dialog which leads the Prince to hire the P. I. to find out who tried to murder the Prince. Not really hard-boiled enough to be interesing and not credible enough as a fantasy to be mystifying. Randisi gets better.

To say Ron Goulart writes crossover is an understatement. His P. I. crosover series include books about Jim Haley, Ben Jolson, Hildy and Jake Pace, Jared Smith plus his regular P. I.s Rudy Navarro, Johnny Easy, and his latest--Groucho Marx!

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