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Sun, 22 Aug 1999 23:52:02 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Martha!

Welcome to the List. Lots of Avians are presumably out for summer migration, which explain the thin stream of messages we had these last days. Glad you joined, so there will be even more discussions about films, HB and Noir. This was the weak point of the list until recently, when a few film buffs joined the list inducing more discussions about cinema here.

A short while ago there was an interesting exchange of point of views about : Payback (the new film with Mel Gibson) and the original Point Blank by John Boorman. You could probably retrieve it in the archives on the web site of RARA AVIS. I myself finished a list of recommended HB/Noir films, posted on my web site, from classics to present days.

If you like HB novels, that's not a problem. All kind of HB aficionados are linked to this list, and they know a few books, believe me!

Fall will certainly bring our Avians back and the list will then be at full blast again...

Hope you'll enjoy.

E.Borgers Hard-boiled Mysteries

---Martha Fischer <> wrote:
> hello all--
> i just stumbled upon this listing doing a net
search for jean-pierre
> melville; it's
> something i've been looking for for a long time.
needless to say, like
> everyone else
> here i'm a fanatic about hard-boiled fiction and
films. i first came to the
> genre
> through hammett (the glass key, to be precise-- i
love the movie and wanted
> to read
> the source) which led me to raymond chandler-- who
is probably my favorite
> writer-- and there was no turning back. i also am
a massive ross macdonald
> fan, but
> certainly don't restrict myself to them
(suggestions are welcome!). a
> mondern author
> i recently discovered is john shannon, whose work i
am very, very impressed
> noir is another of my loves, ranging from
the naked city to le
> samourai...
> on other fronts: i'm a high school history/film
(if it gets approved!)
> teacher and
> basketball/field hockey/softball coach living in st
louis, mo.
> that's all-- i'm really looking forward to hearing
from this list!
> cheers,
> martha

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