RARA-AVIS: greenleaf?

Martha Fischer (sakana@stlnet.com)
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 19:43:50 -0500

hello all--

first, thanks very much for all the kind welcomes! martha (i haven't known another one since preschool)-- i'll check out laurell hamilton's series-- i must admit i'm a bit wary, but they sound too insane to pass up....

exploring the web pages people have told me about, i read a review of john shannon's jack liffey that recommeded it to lovers of ross macdonald and stephen greenleaf. i'm already a big macdonald fan, but i know nothing about greenleaf. what do people think of him? is the comparison to macdonald a valid one? also, which is the first in the tanner series?

thanks loads. martha sakana@stlnet.com

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